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Department of Entrepreneurship hosts the SUPER project meeting to discuss progress and next steps.

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Department of Entrepreneurship, University of Economics, Prague hosted the project meeting of SUPER, the project on entrepreneurship and business incubation at university level co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus Programme. Department of Entrepreneurship, University of Economics, Prague presented progress in the identification of case studies on drivers and inhibitors for business incubation at University level and contributed to advancing the implementation of SUPER by identifying next steps and setting milestones for the definition of training tools on entrepreneurship.

The Department of Entrepreneurship currently focuses on monitoring incubation activities as well as entrepreneurial education in the Czech republic.

The following days, Department of Entrepreneurship, University of Economics, Prague took part in the international conference Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Sustainability (IMECS 2016) organised by the University of Economics in Prague. The conference is organised annually and is one of the most relevant fora and networks in Central and Eastern Europe for academia and industry stakeholders in the field of innovation.

The SUPER project is a three year EU funded project that brings together companies and Universities to identify and analyse the drivers and inhibitors of business incubation and acceleration. Based on the findings of a research and survey involving users, providers and stakeholders, the project will develop a set of user friendly tools, including a wizard, for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be and stakeholders, including policy makers and Incubators. The testing phase of the training set will involve at least 270 students.

For more information about the SUPER Project and Department of Entrepreneurship please contact us at and visit our website