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27. 5. 2016 – Workshop Education in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

After the conference IMECS 2016 finished the workshop focusing on education in entrepreneurship and innovation followed. It took place on  Friday afternoon just after the last session of the IMECS 2016 conference.

The aim of the workshop was to let the particpants of the conference to exhange practiacl experineces from the educational process. On the workshop participated 26 guest from which 25 were from other countries. To underline the practical orientation the workshop took place out of the university main buidling and thus in University Business Incubator called xPORT in Jarov. Student activities and Entrepreneurship classes take place there.

Workshop was led by Michal Andera from the Department of Entrepreneurship and lasted 2 hours. The participants itroduced their favourite teaching method, among others online tools for students interaction, simple mental excersises, and group activities. Professor Herr from Germnay introduced a whole regional conception of innovation „Future Design“ in Coburg.

At last the aprticipants aggreed on that such workshop would be useful even in the nect years of the conference. As a bonus the participants were welcomed to a tour in the xPORT.