Minor specialization – Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (3MS)

The minor specialization 3MSSmall and Medium-sized Enterprises is intended for students of distance learning at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics in Prague. Students are trained to handle and performance management functions in small and medium-sized enterprise or to establish and manage their own businesses. Minor specialization “SMEs” builds on the knowledge of courses that students take on the bachelor’s degree level, especially courses focused in management, marketing and corporate finance.

Obligatory courses

Ident Course name Hours ECTS Semester
3MA544 Business of SMEs 1 2+2 6 2
3MA545 Business of SMEs 2 2+2 6 2
3MA546 Strategy and Business Plan in SMEs 2+2 6 2
3MA547 Modern Trends in SMEs 2+2 6 3
3MA543 Enterprise in Praxis 2+2 6 3

State final exam

The studies of this minor specialization are completed by passing the state final examination consisting of all obligatory subjects. The students can write their final master thesis from the field of this minor specialization.