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Department of Business carries out educational activities, basic and applied research and consultancy in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The task of the Department of Entrepreneurship in the educational field is to provide lectures for the faculty compulsory subjects  3BE314 Entrepreneurship, 3MA291 Introduction to Culture-oriented Enterprising and 3PO101 Foundations of Entrepreneurship, which are taught at a bachelor level.

At the master’s degree level, the Department of Entrepreneurship provides lectures for the minor field specializations called 3PO Entrepreneurship and 3MS Small and Medium Enterprises. The minor field specialization 3PO Entrepreneurship is designed for students from all faculties of the University of Economics in Prague, who have already started a business or have been thinking to do so in their near future. The minor field specialization 3MS Small and Medium Enterprises is designed for students studying part-time at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague. Members of the department lead, in collaboration with the newly established VSE’s business accelerator (, their students from the moment of inception of a business idea, through founding of an enterprise and controlling its growth.

Another task in the educational field is to ensure lectures for the faculty compulsory subjects 3PO401 Innovation Management and 3CV401 Research Methods at a master’s degree level and compulsory subject 3PO665 Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing in CEMS study programme.

At the bachelor and master’s levels the Department also provides interesting lectures for elective courses.

For the doctoral studies the Department is responsible for lectures of PM_912 Management for the Future and PO_921 Entrepreneurship research.

In the research area, members of the department participate in solving a number of projects, for example:

  • Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship: Family Values and Youth Unemployment in Europe (7.FP EU)
  • Start-up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience (ERASMUS+)
  • European Academic Network for Open Innovation (EU COST)
  • Effective Methods of Support for Small and Medium-sized Subjects of Cultural Sector in Environment of National and European Economies (MK – NAKI).
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Czech republic (MPO, TAČR)
  • Culture and Innovation Dynamics: Explaining the Uneven Distribution of Human Knowledge (6.FP EU)
  • Explaining the causes of success and failure in the process of start-up and early growth of new firms in the Czech Republic (IGA VŠE Praha)

On the Department of Entrepreneurship has its residence the Center for Applied Entrepreneurship Research that conducts applied research and related advisory for firms and public sector.

The Department of Entrepreneurship closely cooperates with starting entrepreneurs as well as with the successful ones, who have created functional and prosperous enterprises, for example:  Martin Vohánka, František Piškanin, Tomáš Březina or Radim Jančura. The Department works with many other organizations, such as banks, law offices or venture capital funds. Cooperation with the business accelerator xPORT – which was founded in 2015 at VSE – is very important for the Department.