1.Bachelor’s Degree

The Department of Entrepreneurship provides the faculty compulsory subjects at the bachelor degree level:

  • in program Business Economics and Management
    • 3PO101 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • in program Arts management
    • 3PO291 Introduction to Culture-oriented Enterprising
  • in program Business administration
    • 3BE314 Entrepreneurship
  • in programu Экономика предприятия и менеджмент
    • 3RU314 Основы предпринимательства
    • 3RU324 Менеджерская этика

And also optional subjects:

  • 3PO301 Social Entrepreneurship
  • 3PO395 Etiquette for Managers
  • 3PO633 Entrepreneurship of SME´s


2. Master’s Degree

At the master’s degree level, the Department of Entrepreneurship provides compulsory subjects at the master’s degree level:

  • The minor 3PO Entrepreneurship
    • 3PO541 Opportunity recognition and business model development
    • 3PO542 Foundation of Business
    • 3PO543 Marketing communication and sales for start-ups
    • 3PO544 Managing the growth of new business
    • 3PO545 Business Plan
    • 3PO546 Enterprise in Praxis
  • in program Management
    • 3PO401 Innovation Management
    • 3CV401 Research Methods
  • in  program CEMS/Master in International Management
    • 3PO666 Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing
  • in  program Master in Management
    • 3PO701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • 3CV701 Research Methods

And also optional subjects:

    • 3PO641 Modern Trends In Innovation Management
    • 3PO642 Product management
    • 3PO643/644 Social Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Impact
    • 3PO651 Opportunity recognition and Business Model Development
    • 3PO653/753 Marketing communication and sales for start-ups


3. Doctoral studies

For the doctoral studies the Department is responsible for courses: