Finished Projects

Finished Name Financing
2019 The Use of Design Thinking in Social Enterprises in Digitized Environments and its Outcomes IGA FPH
2019 Private-owned companies with multiple owners: the role of the family and responsible ownership GAČR
2019 Dimensions of the leadership roles in public administration, their measurement and the creation of a new innovation dimension IGA FPH

Taxonomy of collaborative workspaces

2018 Ex post evaluation of the 2007-2013 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Operational Program MPO
2018 Start-up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience ERASMUS+
2018 Financial results comparison of entities supported by entrepreneurial infrastructure and unsupported entities in the Czech Republic IGA VŠE
2018 Dark Side of Business: The Impact of Business Activity on the Personal Wellbeing of Entrepreneurs IGA VŠE
2017 Sustainaible Corporate Responsibility (SCR) IGA FPH VŠE
2016 Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship: Family Values and Youth Unemployment in Europe 7.FP EU
2016 Innovations and Their Impact on The Organizational Sustainable Growth IGA FPH VŠE
2016 European Academic Network for Open Innovation EU COST
2015 Innovation Evaluation TAČR
2015 Research of current entrepreneurial activities in the Czech Republic, capturing their changes in the recent years and international comparison using GEM method TAČR
2015 Effective Methods of Support for Small and Medium-sized Cultural Sector Subjects in the Environment of National and European Economy (NAKI) MK ČR NAKI
2014 Analysing the Impact of Entrepreneurs’ Personality on the Business Growth Management IGA VŠE
2014 Regional Culture in the Context of SMEs IGA VŠE
2014 Explaining the causes of success and failure in the process of start-up and early growth of new firms in the Czech Republic IGA FPH VŠE