In the research area, members of the department participate in solving a number of projects, for example:

  • Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship: Family Values and Youth Unemployment in Europe (7.FP EU)
  • Start-up Promotion for Entrepreneurial Resilience (ERASMUS+)
  • European Academic Network for Open Innovation (EU COST)
  • Effective Methods of Support for Small and Medium-sized Subjects of Cultural Sector in Environment of National and European Economies (MK – NAKI).
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Czech republic (MPO, TAČR)
  • Culture and Innovation Dynamics: Explaining the Uneven Distribution of Human Knowledge (6.FP EU)
  • Explaining the causes of success and failure in the process of start-up and early growth of new firms in the Czech Republic (IGA VŠE Praha)

On the Department of Entrepreneurship has its residence the Center for Applied Entrepreneurship Research that conducts applied research and related advisory for firms and public sector.