Current Research Projects

Time of realization Name Financing
2023 Critical Assessment of the Role of Open Innovation in the Public Sector within a Context of Crisis IGA
2023 Precarity as the real experience of self-employed and micro enterprise TAČR
2023 Measuring and comparing the social impact of Social Enterprises. Building and testing a theoretical model. IGA
2023 Exploring new and digitalized work practices FBA
2022 Critical factors of innovation success and profitability – A quantitative empirical study for the chemical and pharma industry IGA
2022 Strategic Implications of Digitalisation and FinTechs for Traditional Business Models of the Financial Service Industry – An empirical Study of Banking IGA
2022 A Cross-Cultural Perspective On Coworking Spaces IGA
2022 The impact of open-plan offices on performance and well-being revisited: The case of coworking GAČR
2022 Intrafamily Conflicts in Family Firms: Antecedents, Effects and Moderators GAČR
2022 Evaluation of the economic impact of R&D support on the business sector TAČR
2021 SME EnterPrize – White paper GENERALI INSURANCE
2021 One Stop Shop towards competitive SMEs Interreg/BSC Kranj d.o.o.