Financial results comparison of entities supported by entrepreneurial infrastructure and unsupported entities in the Czech Republic

Time of realization: 2017 – 2018
Financing: IGA VŠE
Description: The aim of the project was to evaluate the impact of incubator / accelerator on performance of supported subjects in the Czech Republic. In the study, we conducted a counter-impact analysis, where we compared the financial results of incubated companies with similar companies (based on activity, scope, legal form, age, etc.) that did not have incubator support. We managed to obtain data for the period 2003-2015 and therefore we compared only companies established after 2003. The analysis showed surprisingly that companies supported by the incubator/accelerator reached, on average, worse financial results in terms of revenues, operating margin, value added, asset turnover, total assets and wage costs (both for the whole period 2003-2015 and only for the last years 2013-2015).
Coordinator at UEP: Ing. Ondřej Dvouletý, Ph.D., MSc.
Other participants from the Department of Entrepreneurship: