Research of current entrepreneurial activities in the Czech Republic, capturing their changes in the recent years and international comparison using GEM method

Time of realization: 2013-2015
Financing: TAČR (TB930MPO001)
Description: Suggesting, based on gathered information and performed analyses, improvements for the support of entrepreneurial activities and innovation through the set-up of suitable tools and targeted support for entrepreneurs in relation to upcoming support programs of Ministry of Industry and Trade and other providers. The part of work is performing analyses of entrepreneurial activity in the Czech Republic using the GEM method. Analysis of entrepreneurial activity development and international comparison. Obtaining data and information about the topics of social entrepreneurship, firm succesion, support of export, support in lowering energy intensity, design, and innovation sources.
Coordinator at UEP: doc. Ing. Mgr. Martin Lukeš, Ph.D.
Other participants from the Department of Entrepreneurship: Ing. Ondřej Dvouletý