Alumni: Max Verteletskyi

Max was born in Ukraine. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Economics and Management at the University of Economics in Prague and CEMS Master’s degree in International Management at the University of Economics in Prague and Copenhagen Business School. He was offered an internship from IBM during his university studies and went on to become the youngest Innovation Lab Leader at the age of 21. He worked on cloud, IoT, mobile, and AI technologies and applications in multiple countries and regions. Max was also an active technology mentor within the startup ecosystem, and he was inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship he encountered.

Together with a few colleagues from IBM, he founded Spaceti, a proptech company that digitises buildings and makes the everyday lives of people in offices better through a combination of sensors, a flexible data analytics, and a workplace app. Its mission is to make a positive impact on wellbeing and productivity in office environments and it has the ambition to become a global unicorn within the next three years. He became CoreNet Young Leader and Well Accredited Professional in order to support this mission.

Max’s long-term personal vision is to make a positive impact on more than 1 billion people using the power of technology, investments into healthcare and research, and through philanthropy