Coworking & Future development trends

13 Nov

Modern co-working spaces have been established a decade ago in the midst of global economic recession as supportive environments for self-employed individuals who previously worked from cafes, libraries or their homes. Recently, this model has seen a lot of changes, mainly due to global economic recovery and growth and corporate interest in its beneficiary effects for its users. This has caused a slow, but steady evolution from one-dimensional perception of co-working environment to various variations of the model.

Prague is home to one of the most diversified collaborative workplace ecosystems in Europe and is seeing a rapid popularisation in use of co-working environments. Local co-working space managers will explore recent trends that are reshaping the workplace hospitality industry, discuss positive effect on usage of this kind of spaces and converse about how co-working phenomena will evolve in the future, with the focus of development of co-working industry in Prague.

The panel will be held at University of Economics on 13th November 2018, starting from 6 p.m. at lecture hall RB213.


  • Will Bennis, Ph.D. (founder of Locus Coworking Space)
  • Hana Krejči (founder of BabyOffice)
  • Petra Hubačová (Country Manager of Business Link)
  • Karel Pelán (Country Manager IWG Czech Republic & Slovakia)
  • Petr Klymec (Expansion Lead Europe, Israel, Australia & Africa WeWork)

Panel will be moderated by Ing. Michal Andrea, Ph.D. (University of Economics, Department of Entrepreneurship)

Event is organized by Department of Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics.