Marko Orel, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral researcher


Office no: RB 452

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  • sharing economy
  • workspace design
  • collaborative work,
  • coworking

Curriculum Vitae

Marko Orel specializes in exploration of changing nature of the global workplace, development of on-site and digital collaborative communities and research of digital age that presents major new challenges to entrepreneurs. He is exploring project and operational networks of influences, community engagement moderation and its inter-relational participation. As a sociologist with a Ph.D. degree, Marko believes that task-oriented and relationship-oriented teamwork is essential to achieve effective results in collaborative networks. He co-founded Creative Centre Poligon, a collaborative orientated creative centre in Ljubljana and VRable, an open-source research entity that examines social aspects of VR. Marko has also worked with different start-ups and incubators, most recently with Budapest based MKB Fintech Incubator and its incubatee, invoicing company Space Invoices, where he held the position of CHRO. He works currently at the Department of Entrepreneurship, University of Economics, Prague.


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