Dimensions of the leadership roles in public administration, their measurement and the creation of a new innovation dimension

Time of realization: 2018 – 2020
Financing: IGA FPH VŠE
Desription: The main objective of the research project is to validate and complement the existing four-dimensional scale of leadership in the state administration on the dimension of innovation. In the first phase of the project the developed scales from the article in the professionally influenced journal Public Administration: Measurement of Public Administration Leadership – Creating Scale for the Four Key Roles of the Public Administration Forestry. After that, a questionnaire will be created based on literature to demonstrate the fifth dimension of leadership-innovation behaviour. In the second phase, the aforementioned psychometric features will be examined on a random sample of court personnel. The factor structure will then be tested by exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis of randomly selected employees of the Czech courts. In the third stage, the convergent and critical validity of developed metrics of five dimensions of executive behaviour with several other variables is verified. The lessons learned will be presented at a prestigious foreign conference and sent to two scientific journals indexed at least in the Scopus database
Main coordinator: Ing. Martin Viktora
Other participants from the Department of Entrepreneurship: doc. Ing. Miroslav Špaček, Ph.D., MBA