Jan Mares lectured at the University of Groningen

Within the summer school Exploring Entrepreneurship Jan Mareš introduced students to the research project Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, in which he participated in the 2013 as a member of research team led by doc. Martin Lukeš.

Students learned about two key areas of GEM’s research – Adult Population Survey (APS), which serves to understand entrepreneurial behavior and attitudes at the individual level and NES (National Expert Survey) that explores conditions for entrepreneurship and business on macroeconomical level.

Students had a chance to listen not only to the types of questions the respondents answered in the survey, but also to the potential pitfalls that this research project brings. Students also heard entertaining “shooting stories” from telephone interviewing within APS and individual interviews with the NES experts.

The aim of this visit was to establish closer cooperation with the organizational team. The Exploring Entrepreneurship Summer School takes place in various places and the Department of Entrepreneurship would like to host it in one of the following years.