Ing. Ondřej Dvouletý, Ph.D., MSc.

Assistant Professor


Office no: RB 453

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  • Determinants of Entrepreneurship and Self-employment
  • Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Entrepreneurship and SME Policies
  • Entrepreneurship Policy Evaluation
  • Economics of Entrepreneurship


  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Research Methods
  • Management of Research and Development (R&D)

Participation on research project

Curriculum Vitae

Ondřej Dvouletý has obtained master´s degree in economic policy at the University of Economics in Prague and master´s degree in entrepreneurship at Linnaeus University in Sweden. He is currently working at the Department of Entrepreneurship, the University of Economics in Prague, where he also accomplished his doctoral studies. Ondřej´s research is dedicated to the investigation of entrepreneurial activity, effects of public entrepreneurship and self-employment policies and entrepreneurial economics. He is involved in various international projects and he also actively contributes to the development of the academic community. Ondřej is a member of the scientific and programme committee of the annual Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES) conference and he is also a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Besides that, he serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals and conferences.


Selected Publications