Measuring and comparing the social impact of Social Enterprises. Building and testing a theoretical model.

Doba realizace: 2021–2023
Financováno z: IGA FPH
Obsah projektu:
The past decade has witnessed a significant increase of research interest in social entrepreneurship.
Scholars and practitioners have elicited numerous calls to adopt appropriate methodologies to measure social impact, which is considered to be the relevant performance-based dependent variable related to Social Enterprises’ activities. However, standards for measuring social impact are underdeveloped on both theoretical and empirical grounds, while a significant number of scholars consider it a great challenge to define “standardized universal” measurement units of social impact.
To help bridge this research gap, we use mixed research methods to develop and empirically test a theoretical model for measuring and comparing the social impact of heterogeneous social enterprises.
We do so by developing and testing a measurement tool of social impact, which is based on outcome indicators built on a uniform social value construct and a unit of measurement that aligns the measuring of different and diverse social interventions.
Koordinátor projektu: Georgios Polychronopoulos
Garant projektu na VŠE: Prof. Mgr. Ing. Martin Lukeš Ph.D
Další zapojení členové Katedry podnikání: Florian Maximilian Diener, M.A.

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