One Stop Shop towards competitive SMEs

Doba realizace 2021
Financováno: Interreg (via OSS project consortium)/BSC Kranj d.o.o.
Obsah projektu: The contractual research explores the prosperity of setting up a chain of coworking spaces in Gorenjska region, Slovenia. The study revolves around two cases of good practice – Hoppid network from Norway and a rural coworking space from the village of Vratsko, Bulgaria. The goal of the research is, subsequently, to develop two models. First, a model that would interconnect entrepreneurial ecosystems across the said regions, and second, a model for a rural coworking space that would host local entrepreneurs, digital knowmads and other relevant knowledge workers.
Koordinátor projektu: Marko Orel, Ph.D.
Další zapojení členové Katedry podnikání: Manuel Mayerhoffer, MSc.